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Head Girl's Message
Head Girl's Message 2019-20

One of my conceptions about a leader is that everyone wants to be a leader nobody wants to be a follower, but to be a leader one must learn to follow and have the confidence to stand alone not only to have the courage to make tough decisions but also the compassion and modesty to listen before you leap. One of the most salient things a leader should keep in mind is that he/she is not better than the people who put him /her in such a high place of authority.

Through all these years, I have been in this prestigious school, I have learned a lot under the valuable guidance of my respected Principal, teachers and seniors. But now it’s my time to set goals with the help of all my fellow cabinet members and to execute them with utmost sincerity. I believe that the experience I will gain from this post will help me to learn a lot more.

I whole heartedly thank my parents, Rev. Sr. Principal and all my teachers for keeping faith in me and supporting me in my difficult times. I also want to thank the divine being for granting this great opportunity to me.

With Best Wishes
Shubhi Sehgal
(Head Girl)

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