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Total Album(s): 19
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Children involve in household Chores Event Date: 27-May-2020 Updated On: 27-May-2020 Total Video(s): 1 Description: St. Francis' Convent School, Agra Students involve in household Chores during lockdown
Previous Album(s)
  • 'MESSAGE OF hope'...
    Event Date: 25-May-2020
    Updated On: 25-May-2020
    Total Video(s): 1
    Description: The...
  • Institute Day 2020
    Event Date: 26-Apr-2020
    Updated On: 26-Apr-2020
    Total Video(s): 9
    Description: Institute...
  • Republic Day 2020
    Event Date: 26-Jan-2020
    Updated On: 26-Jan-2020
    Total Video(s): 2
    Description: The...
    Event Date: 18-Feb-2017
    Updated On: 18-Feb-2017
    Total Video(s): 1
    Description: Farewell...
  • 68th Republic Day,...
    Event Date: 26-Jan-2017
    Updated On: 26-Jan-2017
    Total Video(s): 1
    Description: On the...
  • Independence week
    Event Date: 14-Aug-2016
    Updated On: 14-Aug-2016
    Total Video(s): 1
    Description: Independence
  • Save Girl Child Day
    Event Date: 26-Oct-2015
    Updated On: 26-Oct-2015
    Total Video(s): 3
    Description: Various...
  • Mother Serephina
    Event Date: 14-May-2015
    Updated On: 14-May-2015
    Total Video(s): 3
    Description: Mother...
  • Prayer Dance
    Event Date: 2-Dec-2014
    Updated On: 2-Dec-2014
    Total Video(s): 2
    Description: The 58th...
  • Bhangra Dance
    Event Date: 2-Dec-2014
    Updated On: 2-Dec-2014
    Total Video(s): 1
    Description: The 58th...
  • Teacher Day...
    Event Date: 6-Sep-2014
    Updated On: 6-Sep-2014
    Total Video(s): 2
    Description: Teachers'...
  • Dance Camp
    Event Date: 29-Mar-2014
    Updated On: 29-Mar-2014
    Total Video(s): 3
    Description: Dance camp...
  • Farewell 2014
    Event Date: 19-Feb-2014
    Updated On: 19-Feb-2014
    Total Video(s): 4
    Description: Farewell...
  • Republic day...
    Event Date: 27-Jan-2014
    Updated On: 27-Jan-2014
    Total Video(s): 2
    Description: The 65th...
  • Christmas...
    Event Date: 23-Dec-2013
    Updated On: 23-Dec-2013
    Total Video(s): 1
    Description: Christmas...
  • Sports Week of...
    Event Date: 9-Nov-2013
    Updated On: 9-Nov-2013
    Total Video(s): 17
    Description: Sports...
  • Diwali Celebration
    Event Date: 6-Nov-2013
    Updated On: 6-Nov-2013
    Total Video(s): 1
    Description: Today...
  • 55th Annual Day...
    Event Date: 24-Feb-2012
    Updated On: 11-Dec-2011
    Total Video(s): 14
    Description: IN THIS...
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